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Solar Solutions

Solar Panels & Battery Backup for California Homes

Solar Panel and
Battery Storage Solutions

<strong>Silfab</strong> Solar Modules

Semper Air by Semper Solaris | Solar Panels

Silfab Solar Modules

Silfab’s core mission is to improve access to clean energy and reduce carbon emissions. They have committed to providing flexibility, stability, and customer satisfaction. Silfab offers quality North American-made modules, as well as fantastic customer service and an excellent purchasing experience.

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Energy Savings You Can Count On

Both HVAC replacement and Solar Panel installation are long-term investments that will pay off within a few short years. You will save big and long term with lower energy costs and a hedge against rising energy costs. You will have the added benefit of ongoing tax deductions and rebates for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Semper Air by Semper Solaris offers maintenance and repair services for Solar panels and your HVAC unit, old or new. If you have problems with either heating or cooling, we will come and inspect your system and help you decide upon your best option. We can tailor your HVAC system to run seamlessly with solar panels. Semper Air by Semper Solaris Heating and Air conditioning offers financing options to make your solar panel installation and energy-efficient HVAC affordable and cost-effective.

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<strong>LG</strong> Solar Modules

Semper Air by Semper Solaris | Solar Panels

LG Solar Modules

LG builds efficient and powerful residential and commercial solar modules. They are known for having first-rate manufacturing, superior development standards, and stringent research. LG solar modules take up less space than most modules while producing the same amount of electricity as other lower efficiency modules with less.

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<strong>Solaria</strong> High Power Solar Panels

Semper Air by Semper Solaris | Solar Panels

Solaria High Power Solar Panels

Solaria mass produces hyper-effective and long-lasting solar modules in North America. They have a 25-year warranty but are designed to exceed the length of the warranty. With Solaria, you can trust that you will be delivered a reliable power generation every day.

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Heating/Air and Solar and Battery Storage

Solar Powered Heating and Air Conditioning

The pairing of heating and air conditioning with solar panels is becoming the norm as homeowners realize the added benefit of cleaner energy and lower electric bills. Solar Power gives you the option of getting more out of your electricity without breaking the bank.

We install only the highest quality, state-of-the-art equipment, and materials from the most reputable manufacturers in the solar and HVAC industries. We can help you with financing, rebates, and incentives to simplify the upfront expenditure with any option you choose for both HVAC and Solar.

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<strong>Tesla</strong> Powerwall

Semper Air by Semper Solaris | Battery Storage

Tesla Powerwall

Smart solar battery storage systems like Tesla Powerwall have intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards that let you view your usage and adjust your storage settings on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Pair with solar panels and recharge with the sun to keep your home & machines running for days.

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<strong>LG</strong> Chem

Semper Air by Semper Solaris | Battery Storage

LG Chem

LG batteries offer homeowners a quality battery storage system at an extremely fair price per kilowatt-hour. It is intended to boost energy efficiency, by enhancing the quality of renewable energy that effects the stabilization of the power supply system.

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Is it Time to Replace Your HVAC and Go Solar?

New, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning will give you more control over your cost of electricity. An energy-efficient HVAC based on the latest technology will save you money. Add that to a cutting-edge solar panel installation, and you can run your AC all day without a care.

If your air conditioner is over ten years old or is in disrepair, it may be time to replace it with a highly efficient HVAC system from Semper Air by Semper Solaris Heating and Air conditioning powered by solar panels. It is a winning combination.

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